4-Page Mobile-Friendly Form in WordPress

Adjust mobile landing page so that when users click on selection they are automatically forwarded to the next page in the process.

As the user goes through the process to request a quote, they have to click on their selection and then click the arrow at the bottom to move to the next page, this flow need to change so, when the user clicks on a selection (i.e., House), they are automatically forwarded to the next page.


E-commerce Wholesale and Retail Shop On PrestaShop

A rebuild job of the site Boys and Girls Fashion website. The project was to rebuild the site form scratch, yet keep all old data of the of the site. The solution I provide is a Google cloud server with Apache PageSpeed module. The challenge was to make the site load fast in addition to a b2b copy of the site.

$20 for 24 Hour Rush Delivery

Update WordPress to newest version and upload a new theme

Needed 2 things done:

  1. Update WordPress blog to the current version of WordPress. (I can’t figure out how to do the manual install.)
  2. Upload this new theme: http://www.plaintxt.org/themes/simplr/ (keeping all old content and old posts)


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WordPress Expert Developer – Plugin Experience

The job was to fix error on a WordPress MultiSite plugin. The issue was with image attachments. I worked on it and successfully delivered the project.  To resolve the issue, I needed to make a copy of the site on client’s local computer and resolved it there.

WordPress Help Needed

The Job needed someone who is familiar with WordPress Robot. It was seems that the WordPress robot on 3 of client’s sites was not working like it should. The posts were not showing up correctly. I fixed that up real fast the client was very happy.

Website design

Website was www.outdoorbillboardsite.com it was based on Joomla just needed few small changes to make it competitive

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Create WordPress Theme from PSD, Configure Plugins, SEO

Goal was to bring livingwaters.org.au into the 21st Century.

Tasks include creating a WordPress theme/template from the designer’s .PSD file, copying content across from the old site, optimizing for SEO, configuring plugins such as Akismet, Broken Link Checker, Like, Secure WordPress, Simple Tags, Featured Content Gallery, Fast and Secure Contact Form, Google XML Sitemaps, FD Feedburner Plugin, WP-o-Matic.


WordPress Technician (expert) URGENT

The blog was on woo theme template which designed and laid out by the client herself.

On the home page (which is the static page) she need 6 feature boxes, that show people important things on her blog, like magazine style, with highlights. She have another website as model and that needed to be followed.

She wanted to get this completed ASAP, so it was challenging with combination of quality and time.

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